Paper Lanterns

Plastic Cup Lantner (7)

This is exactly the kind of craft I’d expect Travis to come home with after a long day of camp… if it was open! In other words, it was perfect for a Camp Mom morning.

Some of this required grown-up help for a 6 year old, but your older “campers” can do the project mostly solo.

First, use paint (or paint pens for faster drying) to color on sheets of construction paper. I helped Travis understand that larger designs would work better, as we were coloring the outer decoration of the lantern.

Plastic Cup Lantern (1)

Let dry and then cut into an 8×5-inch rectangle. (Note: You may need to make your rectangle slightly larger or smaller, depending on the size of your plastic cups).

Next, cut a hole from the bottom of a plastic cup with a craft knife. Use hot glue to glue the top rim of this cup to the top rim of a second plastic cup.

Plastic Cup Lantern (3)

Now, use the craft knife to cut slits along the painted paper, spaced about 1 inch apart and making sure to leave a 1/2-inch border at top and bottom.

Plastic Cup Lantern (2)

Glue the paper around the plastic cups, pushing down slightly so the decorated slits puff outwards. Let dry.

Plastic Cup Lantern (5)

At night, insert an LED tea light! Travis was thrilled watching them glow, and of course wanted to use them as nightlights in his room.

Plastic Cup Lantern (6)

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