Ice Cube Bags

Ice Bags (7)

If it’s going to be hot, then I’m going to put the heat of the sun to work for me! These ice cube sensory bags turn into a color mixing experiment the longer they’re out in the sunshine.

For set up, I thought it would be fun to freeze cube-shaped ice instead of ice in a standard ice cube tray. I colored one-third of them yellow with food coloring, one-third red, and one-third blue.

Ice Bags (1)

In the morning, I set up three gallon-sized zip-top bags for Veronika: one had yellow and blue ice, one had red and blue, and the third had blue and yellow.

Ice Bags (2)

At first, it was all about the sense of touch. “Ooh! cold!” Veronika said, squeezing her hands on the ice.

Ice Bags (6)

It was fun to watch the ice cubes slip and slide around in the bag!

Ice Bags (5)

As the cubes melted, the color mixing became more apparent.

Ice Bags (4)

As mentioned, you can move the game outdoors to the hot sun to speed the process along. Pretty soon your primary colors will have given way completely to secondary colors!

Ice Bags (8)

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