Sprinkler Freeze Dance

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (2)

This game is perfect for a summer day! You’ll have water to cool off, tunes to jam to, and a little bonding and learning thrown in.

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (6)

We changed into bathing suits and set up the sprinkler in the yard… so nothing was out of the ordinary yet. But this time, I cranked up the car stereo so the tunes were playing!

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (5)

If the music was on, we boogied. When the music paused, we showed Veronika how to freeze. Older siblings will love showing a toddler how to do this; big brother Travis threw in some fancy hip moves and footwork.

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (3)

Veronika started to catch on. And as soon as the music began again, her whole body bopped along.

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (8)

As an alternative version, make the freeze about the water speed, not the music. When the sprinkler turns off… Freeze! When it turns on again, bring back those dance moves.

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (4)

Veronika’s signature move was stomping in puddles.

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (7)

Here’s a quick clip of her moves. She’s got style!

You’ll definitely want to enlist the whole family for this one!

Sprinkler Freeze Dance (1)

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