Scarf Scuffle

Scarf Scuffle (3)

Toddler’s love scarves, and of course you can always turn to go-to activities like dancing with them, or tossing them in the air to watch them float down, or crumpling them up into a tiny ball that pops open. But today, we headed outside with scarves to engage Veronika’s imagination a little, too!

Scarf Scuffle (1)

What could she be with her scarf? First up, we were fluttering birds and butterflies. She loved flapping and tweeting as she pranced around the patio this way.

Scarf Scuffle (4)

How about a flower growing? We pretended we were flowers stretching high towards the sun, the scarves rising up above our head. Pretending to be a leaf would work, too, fluttering down instead!

Scarf Scuffle (2)

Her favorite was when I wrapped one around her waist (this girl loves dress-up!), and told her she was a ballerina. She danced…

Scarf Scuffle (6)

…and twirled…

Scarf Scuffle (7)

…and went up on tippy-toe!

Scarf Scuffle (5)

What a wonderful way to imagine and play. Are there any favorite scarf games in your house? Please share in the comments!

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