Nature’s Palette

Natures Palette (9)

This beautiful activity from High Five magazine combines a craft and a way to get outdoors. It’s quite similar to a rainbow hunt we did late last summer, but sometimes it’s fun to repeat an activity as your children age; they’ll reap different rewards from it each time!

This time we started by making a proper artist’s “palette,” which immediately had Travis excited. Cut a palette shape from a file folder (I did this step for Travis, since he wasn’t sure of the shape).

Nature Palette (1)

Next, cut paint chip samples (available for free at paint stores or home good stores) into pieces, and arrange on your palette. Travis was thrilled to use grown-up scissors, with a guiding hand.

Nature Palette (2)

Little drops of color!

Nature Palette (7)

Travis immediately seized upon the fun to be had with the remaining paint chips and extra file folders, and was soon making collages and creations.

Nature Palette (8)

He mostly cut squares and rectangles, but I helped him cut a few nature shapes like leaves and flowers, and we arranged them in pretty nature pictures.

Nature Palette (6)

Then came the real nature walk! Instead of going into the forest, I detoured us to a local botanical garden, knowing we’d find the full rainbow of colors there. Travis loved seeking out different shades on his palette.

Natures Palette (10)

We thought we might have to use the sky as our blue, until stumbling upon the perfect hydrangea!

Natures Palette (12)

In sum, this activity served as the prompt for a perfect mother-son summer afternoon.

Natures Palette (11)


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