National Mustard Day

Mustard Day (1)

Sometimes it’s fun to celebrate the simplest things around us for a day, which is why I love learning about silly “national holidays”. Today (August 1) it was mustard’s turn!

After telling Travis about this “holiday”, I spooned two varieties of mustard into jars for him: yellow mustard and classic Dijon mustard. I asked him to describe any differences or similarities he noticed, the most obvious being the “dots” in the Dijon. Travis thought it was wild that these were really the mustard seeds.

Mustard Day (2)

Then it was time for a blind taste test! The coarse texture of the mustard seeds was the giveaway, so he could easily tell which was which. You can have fun with this and add lots more varieties, especially if your kids are older.

Mustard Day (3)

Now of course we were hungry, so the lunch menu was grilled Beyond Sausages served with yellow mustard down one side and Dijon down the other. Travis loved spooning the mustard on by himself!

Mustard Day (4)

Extend the celebrationany way you like! Watch a video on how mustard is made, or see who can tell the best mustard joke. I’ll leave you with this:

Q: What do you give a dog with a fever?
A: Mustard, it’s the best thing for a hot dog.

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