Pulled String Paintings

Pulled String Painting (7)

Travis loved testing out this novel painting method; not only was the process new and different, but the final product is a truly beautiful work of art, worthy of framing and keeping around!

To set up, fill small plastic cups with a little bit of liquid watercolor.

Pulled String Painting (1)

Cut pieces of string, and dip them into the cups, one for each color, making sure the string is completely saturated.

Pulled String Painting (2)

Working with one string at a time, place on a piece of thick paper. Cover with tracing paper, then place a small (empty) picture frame on top.

Pulled String Painting (4)

Pull quickly on the end of the string that is dangling out, and the liquid watercolor will splash down in the frame.

Pulled String Painting (5)

Travis was captivated! We repeated with three more colors, and then he decided it was finished. He loved that our red looked like a funnel, and that we had just a hint of purple.

Pulled String Painting (6)



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