Bean Bag Toss Sight Word Game

SIght Word Bean Bag (1)

All you need to help prevent the summer slide is one great item: an alphabet mat! Today we pulled it out along with a few bean bags to do a quick review of Travis’s kindergarten sight words, because first grade is quickly sneaking up on us!

His class had a sight word song to the tune of Bingo, so we started with that. “There is a sight word of the day; the sight word is ‘my’. M, Y, My…” and so on.

SIght Word Bean Bag (2)

As he sang through each word, Travis’s task was to toss a bean bag onto each letter, and then remove it from the mat.

SIght Word Bean Bag (4)

To make things tricky, I didn’t arrange the letters in alphabetical order. He really had to seek them out!

SIght Word Bean Bag (5)

Then, he arranged the letters off to the side to spell out each word.

Next up was L-I-K-E, like!

SIght Word Bean Bag (8)

Travis tired out after a few words, but this was a fun way to do a sight word refresher, and we can work through his whole kindergarten list a few words at a time. You’ll notice little sister Veronika wanted in on the ABC mat action, too! Simplify this game for toddlers by tossing the bean bag on a letter and simply naming it.

SIght Word Bean Bag (7)

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