Letter Learning with the ABC Mat

Letter Learn ABC Mat (7)

With our ABC mat currently set up on the floor, I wanted to do a little letter learning and phonics review today. This game can be tailored to just about any age; young toddlers can simply learn their letters, but it’s a phonics review and more like charades for older kids!

I pulled out our bag of wooden alphabet blocks, which are fun because they feature not just letters but also pictures of objects.

Letter Learn ABC Mat (8)

The task for Travis, as the big kid, was to pick a picture and act it out. He got silly with this, including curling up like an apple!

Letter Learn ABC Mat (1)

Others were more obvious, whether buzzing like a bee or making animal noises.

Letter Learn ABC Mat (3)

Then he had to put the block on the letter that matched the word’s beginning sound.

Letter Learn ABC Mat (2)

Little siblings will want to get in on the charades, too!

Letter Learn ABC Mat (4)

Then, to tailor it to Veronika’s age, I showed her how to match up letter to letter, rather than picture to letter.

Letter Learn ABC Mat (6)

Check out our other recent alphabet mat fun here!

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