Mailbox (8)

Veronika is very into the mail truck lately, wanting to watch our postal worker deliver the mail every chance she gets. She even got to peek inside the back of the truck! So today we recycled an old toddler favorite, with a homemade mailbox. Now that she’s older, she understands the role play involved, too.

First was the arts & crafts portion of the game: we needed to decorate a mailbox! I set out stickers and construction paper, along with an old box. She loves glue sticks and happily smeared onto strips of colored paper, which we then stuck onto the box.

Mailbox (2)

I had ocean-themed stickers, which felt appropriate here in the summertime. What a beautiful mailbox!

Mailbox (3)

I cut a slit in the top with a craft knife, and then showed Veronika how to stuff old junk mail through the slit.

Mailbox (4)

Sometimes she had to turn a letter a little to make it fit…

Mailbox (5)

…or give it an extra push to slide all the way through…

Mailbox (10)

…but she was delighted with each success.

Mailbox (9)

Time to open up the mailbox and see what she received!

Mailbox (11)

One pamphlet just happened to have images of sheep and cows, and she was so happy. “Cow is in the mail!” She wanted to send and receive this “letter” over and over.

Mailbox (6)

She also loved being able to take the lid off and put it back on all by herself, a big important toddler feeling of accomplishment.

Mailbox (13)

We then decided to write a few of our own letters for big brother Travis. She loved scribbling with marker before adding her notes to the mailbox.

Mailbox (12)

I could tell she was so proud to have her very own mailbox today, and left it out so she could return to it over the course of the afternoon.


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