Giant Tissue Paper Sensory Bin

Tissue Paper Sensory (4)

Sure, you can give a baby a bag filled with tissue paper and consider that a sensory activity. But you’re not going to impress your toddler with something so mundane! Nope: today I made tissue paper play on a giant scale for Veronika!

I emptied out one of our toy storage containers, then took out a bulk package of tissue paper. Veronika was immediately delighted by all the thick piles of color.

Tissue Paper Sensory (2)

I showed her how to separate out a thin sheet of tissue paper and crumple it up, then toss it into the bin. This was of course a delight. “Clean up clean up!” she started to sing, which made me laugh since we were of course just making a mess.

Tissue Paper Sensory (3)

Once we had filled the bin deep with crumpled paper, I lifted her up and set her right inside.

Tissue Paper Sensory (5)

She looked so surprised! She kicked her feet and ran her fingers through the pieces. But then surprisingly she preferred to be back on the other side, tossing sheets of tissue paper in.

Tissue Paper Sensory (6)

We set aside sheets of tissue paper just to crumple and kept them out of the container so we could toss them in the air.

Tissue Paper Sensory (8)

Whether in the bin or out, this game was a delight!

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