Tissue Paper Bag

Tissue Paper Bag (2)

Tissue paper is one of those fantastic materials for keeping a toddler busy without fancy materials or much supervision. I had a full pack of multicolored tissue paper which was just begging to be played with. I cut squares from the sheets so they were just the right size for Veronika’s little hands, but that was it for set-up!

Tissue Paper Bag (1)

I presented her with the tissue paper, along with a brown paper bag and a small empty toy bin. I left it up to her to decide where the tissue paper should go from there! Stuffing it into the bag was good fun…

Tissue Paper Bag (5)

…as was piling it into the bin.

Tissue Paper Bag (4)

She particularly loved this when we hid a toy underneath. “Where’s meow meow?” she asked of her toy kitty, and then lifted up the sheets of tissue paper with a “peek-a-boo!”. 

Tissue Paper Bag (6)

Of course it’s just fine if your toddler wanders off with a few sheets of tissue paper, too.

Tissue Paper Bag (3)

I also showed her how she could crumple up the pieces so they were more like balls than squares. This interested her so much that she soon invented her own version: putting a crumpled piece on a spoon and moving it into the bag or bin this way!

Tissue Paper Bag alt

It’s also silly fun to stuff the bag full of paper and let it rain down on your child’s head.

Tissue Paper Bag (8)

To be honest, I thought she would play with the whole set-up for longer than she did, but it was good fun while it lasted.

Tissue Paper Bag (7)

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