Pull Box

Pull Box (3)

Your toddler will be so proud of this little box, his or her very own toy to pull, push, fill, or play with any way they see fit. Veronika dubbed it her “wagon”, and played with it all morning.

And all I did was pierce a hole in an old box and loop a piece of string through. (Note: thick rope would have been easier for her to grip onto, since the string was a bit slippery. I solved this by wrapping a little masking tape near the top almost as a handle).

Pull Box (1)

I asked if she wanted to decorate the box with crayons, but the lure of tugging it around was too great. She was off!

Pull Box (2)

At first she had to walk backwards and pull it towards her. As the day went on, she mastered the art of facing forward and tugging it along behind her.

Pull Box (7)

After a few trips around the house, we took it outside!

Pull Box (8)

Her “wagon” was prefect for filling with treasures we found along the way, like little pebbles, flowers, and leaves.

Pull Box (5)

Back inside, it was the perfect spot for her dolls to ride in.

Pull Box (10)

She loaded it up with her favorite doll and other toys and walked circles around the apartment for at least half an hour. A box and a string, that’s it folks!

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