Shark Ball Toss

Shark Ball Toss (7)

Here’s the perfect sport to bring along to your family’s next day at the beach. The homemade charm has a leg up on all the koosh ball competition!

To assemble, cut about 2 inches off the ends of two empty (1 L) soda or sparkling water water bottles. The edges were rough, so we sanded them until smooth with squares of sandpaper. Travis thought this was neat, wondering if the roughness of sandpaper can ever be completely worn away.

Shark Ball Toss (2)

Paint the bottles with two coats of blue acrylic paint; let dry overnight.

Shark Ball Toss (3)

In the morning, we drew shark features on craft foam, including jagged teeth, dorsal fins, and eyes.

Shark Ball Toss (6)

Because our wiggle eyes had long lashes and our foam was pink and purple, our sharks had a decidedly feminine appearance!

Shark Ball Toss (5)

Now simply head to the beach (or another outdoor location) and bring along a tennis ball. Toss back and forth, catching the ball in the shark “mouths”.

Shark Ball Toss (8)

A word of caution: This is hard! The players really should only be a few steps apart and it takes some practice to give the ball the right toss out of one shark’s mouth and into the other.

Shark Ball Toss (9)

So don’t worry if kids just end up rolling the tennis balls into the shark bottles. That was fun, too!

Shark Ball Toss (11)

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