I Think I Can

I Think I Can (1)

Here’s a great activity to teach toddlers confidence as they learn new skills. In general, I love cultivating a “yes I can” attitude in my kids. And now more than ever, in this coronavirus-era, it’s a life skill that serves everyone well: my toddler, my big kid, and me as a grown-up!

To make the lesson toddler-appropriate, we started with a read of The Little Engine That Could. Now, the “I think I can” refrain was at the forefront of Veronika’s mind.

I Think I Can (2)

After enjoying the story, it was time to encourage her to do big girl stuff. “Can you touch your toes?” I asked her, and then reminded: “I think you can, I think you can. I think you can.” She can!

I Think I Can (3)

She could also tap her head, or spin around, or various other instructions I gave.

I Think I Can (4)

You can play this game with all sorts of age-appropriate challenges. If you really want to brainwash your kids, make the game part of clean up. “Can we clean up all the game pieces?” I asked. “I think we can, I think we can, I think we can.”

We could!

I Think I Can alt

And of course, you’ll want to trot out this game in more serious scenarios for years to come. Whether a first day of school or a first time trying something new at a playground, your little one will start to repeat this mantra and believe it.

I Think I Can (5)

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