Walking Through the Jungle

Walking Through the Jungle (4)

Stuffed animals lend themselves so perfectly to imaginative play. Here are a few ways that Veronika and I turned our home into a jungle with them today!

We started out with a fun nursery rhyme. For each verse, swap in the name of a stuffed animal and the noise it makes. So, for example:

Walking through the jungle,

What did I see?

A baby monkey laughing

At me, me me.

Walking Through the Jungle (2)

We repeated for a bear growling and an owl hooting.

Walking Through the Jungle (3)

In between verses, we stomped like were on a jungle mission. Here was a slippery snake hissing! Encourage lots of animal noises or motions to mimic each particular animal.

Walking Through the Jungle (5)

To continue the fun, stage a classic animal “safari” afterwards. Hide a few stuffed animals and have fun finding them with a flashlight just before bedtime.

Jungle Safari (1)

Big brother Travis loved being the animal hider, and guiding Veronika and her flashlight to the right spots in the room.

Jungle Safari (3)

Again, make lots of animal noises as you spot each one! We finished with a read of Way Far Away on a Wild Safari and used a flashlight on each page to “find” the animals.

Jungle Safari (4)

Today it was definitely a jungle out there.

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