Beanbag Toss

Beanbag Toss (6)

Beanbags are such a versatile toy for kids of all ages and I highly recommend having a pile of them on hand. Today, Veronika used them both for target practice and shape learning.

I loved that the first part of this game was a chance to make art together. I unrolled a long piece of craft paper and set out markers.

Beanbag Toss (1)

I had just started a green square when Veronika said, “Let’s draw a blue rectangle!” So a blue rectangle it was. She drew “shapes” alongside me while I made larger ones all over the paper, including purple hearts, orange circles, and more.

Beanbag Toss (2)

Now it was time for some toddler sports! I asked her if she could toss a beanbag onto the blue rectangle. Easy shot! It was harder for her to throw towards shapes further back on the paper, so this game was great for strengthening little muscles.

Beanbag Toss (4)

Sometimes she preferred to run and stand on the shape I named, instead of tossing the beanbag.

Beanbag Toss (5)

Leave out your big piece of paper and the pile of beanbags, and no doubt your toddler will find ways to play with it solo throughout the day, too.

Beanbag Toss (3)

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