Napkin Bug

Napkin Bug (2)

This silly little “bug” wiggles, rolls, skitters across the carpet, and otherwise delights toddlers. Because it comes together in moments with items you can have on hand anywhere, it’s the perfect toy to entertain a toddler on vacation.

Wrap up anything circular (like an apple, an orange, a grapefruit, or even a small toy ball) by placing it in the middle of a paper towel. Gather the paper towel over the sphere and twist the ends so they are like two arms. Secure the arms with either yarn or a rubber band.

Napkin Bug (1)

Add a nice big smile with marker!

Veronika thought this “bug” as so silly, especially when she held it by the arms.

Napkin Bug (4)

She loved watching it roll!

Napkin Bug (3)

In all honesty it didn’t hold Veronika’s attention as long as I thought it might, but it’s easy to tuck away and then pull out again the next time your toddler is bored.

Napkin Bug (6)

It’s the cutest bug on the rug, that’s for sure!

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