Abstract Couch Art

Abstract Couch Art (2)

If you want to challenge your child to make art but don’t have craft supplies on hand, here’s an alternative: raid the couch and make sculptures!

To help Travis understand the idea, I first challenged him to make a burger.

With a pile of clean laundry on hand, we used two pillows as the buns and then layered in lettuce (a green shirt), carrots (an orange shirt), cheese (a white shirt), and tomato (a red shirt).

Abstract Couch Art (1)

Now it was up to Travis to think of which sculpture he could make next. This time he chose a Star Wars character, and although not the direction I would have gone in, I was proud he came up with the idea on his own.

Abstract Couch Art (3)

Pillows formed the head and body, and he added accessories (a mask, cape, and gloves) to complete the work of art.

Abstract Couch Art (4)

What will your child make from couch pillows? Please share in the comments! 

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