Beachy Creature Feet

Beachy Creature Feet (4)

It’s just about the end of summer, which means by next year any current flip-fops are not going to fit your kids’ feet anymore. So here’s a fun way to transform those flippies as the season winds down!

Beachy Creature Feet (1)

I had each of the kids select which kind of “creature” paws they wanted, care of a few suggestions in Highlights magazine, then helped trace and cut the shapes out on craft foam.

Beachy Creature Feet (2)

If your kids truly won’t be wearing their flip-flops again, you can use tacky glue to adhere the foam, as well as additional foam dots or stripes for decoration. If you want a more temporary version (we still have a few beach days left!) use double-stick tape for a fun, reversible transformation.

Beachy Creature Feet (3)

They loved stomping around as creatures for a little bit!

Beachy Creature Feet (5)

I’d say these were the cutest critters on the beach.

Beachy Creature Feet (6)

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