Car Wash

Car Wash (6)

This is one of those activities that turned out to be just beautiful. I had originally intended the game for Veronika after a morning trip to have our real car inspected, but big brother Travis was eager to join in, too!

Car Wash (2)

We have a kid-sized Mustang that was perfect for the activity, but truly any kid “vehicle” would work, whether toddler ride-on toys, old tricycles, or bikes! Pull out the buckets, sponges, mild dish soap, and rags, and set your washers to work.

Car Wash (1)

Both kids immediately loved dipping little sponges in the bucket of soapy water and scrubbing gently all over the car.

Car Wash (5)

Travis focused on the exterior…

Car Wash (3)

…while Veronika liked cleaning the seats!

Car Wash (4)

When it was all soaped up, we rinsed with the hose. Then it was time to towel dry.

Car Wash (7)

And then of course we took the car for a spin!

Car Wash (9)

This was watery, soapy, sunshine-y summer magic at its best.

Car Wash (8)

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