Fly Swatter Painting

Fly Swatter Painting (5)

This art project is messy, so you’re going to want to take it outside. But I can happily report that it’s worth the effort!

I placed a long sheet of craft paper on our back patio, securing the corners with heavy rocks so it wouldn’t blow away. (As an alternative, you could clip craft paper to a fence or other outdoor surface that is upright).

Then I set out a tray with several different colors of metallic craft paint. You’ll need a nice puddle of paint for this project to work well, so don’t worry if the colors mix together.

Fly Swatter Painting (1)

I dipped our fly swatter in the paint, making sure to coat it evenly, then showed Veronika how to say “Whap!” and slap it down hard on the craft paper.

Fly Swatter Painting (4)

Well of course now “Whap!” was the most fun thing in the world to say.

Fly Swatter Painting (2)

Dip and whap, dip and whap, dip and whsp.

Fly Swatter Painting (3)

She loved every bit of this project, both dipping the fly swatter in paint, and seeing the marks she made.

Fly Swatter Painting (6)

She wanted to whack the fly swatter against the rocks, too!

Fly Swatter Painting (8)

Her little feet paraded all around the craft paper, making sure she covered her big canvas.

Fly Swatter Painting (9)

As a bonus, our fly swatter happens to be flower-shaped, so it made beautiful prints!

Fly Swatter Painting (7)

This project likely won’t get you a lasting work of art. But Veronika sure loved the process!

Fly Swatter Painting (10)

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