Patriotic Rocks

Patriotic Rocks (6)

A very happy Memorial Day to all, and a sincere thanks to all those in our country who serve or have served. We had a very patriotic weekend, catching a local Navy parachute demonstration in honor of the holiday. Travis was smitten, so we brought the patriotic sentiment back home with this easy craft.

Take a walk to collect a few rocks, and then lay them out with red, white, and blue paints.

Patriotic Rocks (1)

Older children will definitely have fun drawing replica American flags on their rocks, but for a three-year-old, simply decorating in the colors of our flag was a joy.

Patriotic Rocks (2)

He liked choosing which colors should go where!

Patriotic Rocks (4)

I added a few lines of paint to a few rocks so that they more closely resembled our flag.

Patriotic Rocks (3)

Let the rocks dry, then proudly display as holiday decorations. These would be great for the 4th of July, too!

Patriotic Rocks (5)

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