Spooning Marbles

Spooning Marbles (3)

Here was a quick activity today to hone Veronika’s fine motor skills. I’ve seen this activity done with a bowl of marbles on one side of the child and soft egg crate foam (like you’d find under a mattress) on the other side, but you can easily just use a muffin tin.

The latter is what we had on hand, so I started a batch of blue marbles in one tin and gave Veronika a scoop.

Spooning Marbles (1)

At first reached for the marbles with her fingers, but as soon as I directed her attention to the spoon, she was great about scooping them up and transferring.

Spooning Marbles (4)

I encouraged her to fill all of the compartments, not just one, and she seemed to enjoy the challenge!

Spooning Marbles (5)

This was excellent practice for spoon control, since this girl now insists on serving herself soup, cereal, and other watery favorites.

Spooning Marbles (8)

She then trotted over her to playroom and came back with a tea cup. I loved that she invented her own version of the game, adding marbles to the cup.

Spooning Marbles (9)

Soon we were enjoying a full marble tea party!

Spooning Marbles (10)

However your child plays, you’ll need to supervise this particular activity closely, as with all marble play, since they can be a choking hazard.

Spooning Marbles (7)

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