Food Fair

Food Fair (3)

We turned snack time today into a chance for the siblings to bond! Travis gets a kick out of how messy Veronika can be when she eats, but sometimes older siblings resent the attention a messy baby or toddler receives at mealtime: help with a spoon; wiping off trays and bibs, etc. So today, Travis was in charge of Veronika’s snack! This got laughs all around.

We headed outside with a picnic blanket and a tray full of snacks. I included: applesauce, fruit pouches, chocolate pudding, juice boxes, and soft cookies.

Food Fair (1)

At first I asked Travis just to help Veronika explore the foods. Were they hot or cold? What did they taste like? Which did she like best?

Food Fair (2)

Then Travis began to make her concoctions. A simple cookie topped with a little applesauce…

Food Fair (4)

…soon became a big glob on a plate. Applesauce + pudding + juice, oh my! Travis then dipped a cookie in it and offered it to his sister for a taste with glee.

Food Fair (5)

Don’t be fooled by Veronika’s sleepy, sour expression. She kept asking for more bites!

Food Fair (6)

Travis delighted in this activity, and I loved watching them share this moment.

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