Block Pick-Up with Tongs

Block Pick Up Fine Motor (6)

Veronika’s at that beautiful age where she actually enjoys cleaning up; toddlers are easily roped into the task with a familiar song or rhyme. But if that’s not enough, here’s a fun way to add a little fine motor work into the process, too.

After some fun this afternoon building towers with blocks, it was time for clean-up. I decided to give her a novel way to get all those blocks back into their bin.

Block Pick Up Fine Motor (1)

Instead of simply asking her to toss them in, I handed her a pair of tongs and showed her how to pinch a block in between the tongs, carry it over to the bin, and then release it.

Block Pick Up Fine Motor (3)

There was almost endless joy to the repetition of this: pinch with the tongs, carry over, release, repeat!

Block Pick Up Fine Motor (4)

This was such a simple and fun way to clean up the blocks, and arguably occupied her longer than building the towers had. She loved the challenge of it, and I saw her testing out the method several times throughout the afternoon.

Block Pick Up Fine Motor (7)

What’s your family’s favorite clean-up game? Please share in the comments!

Block Pick Up Fine Motor (9)