Seek and Find Shapes Water Activity

Seek and Find Shapes Water (4)

Toddlers always love the chance for a little splashy water play, and here’s a way to combine that with shape review!

To start, I used marker to draw a few shapes on a regular piece of white paper. I also labeled them for early sight words, although Veronika is a ways off from understanding that.

Seek and Find Shapes Water (1)

Place this piece of paper under any clear baking dish. Ideally use a large casserole dish, but even my smaller cake pan worked in a pinch. Fill the clear dish with a shallow layer of water. If your child wants colored water, go ahead and add a few drops of food coloring! But Veronika wanted to leave it clear.

Seek and Find Shapes Water (2)

Now, simply call out the name of a shape and your child can pinpoint it under the water! If you’re using a large dish, you could have a clear cup on top that your child moves from shape to shape. That wouldn’t fit in the cake pan, so Veronika used a shiny pipe cleaner as a pointer instead.

Seek and Find Shapes Water (3)

She aced this test in moments.

Seek and Find Shapes Water (5)

Even once we quickly ran through the shapes, she had so much fun looking at the shapes and swirling around the pipe cleaner for a while. Because as mentioned, toddlers always love water play!

Seek and Find Shapes Water (6)


Flying Fish

Flying Fish (3)

Before you recycle whatever magazine you’re currently reading, rip out a page or two and you’ll be able to make a quick batch of fish to delight your toddler!

On the magazine pages, I used a ruler to mark off one inch strips and then cut them out. Next, mark 1 inch in from both the top and the bottom. Cut a slit at this one inch mark from the left at the top and from the right at the bottom. Now, you can fold the strip of paper over itself so the notches slot together, making a fish tail shape.

Flying Fish (2)

I recommend not just one, but a whole school of fish for maximum effect!

Flying Fish (4)

When I had about a dozen “fish”, we let them fly! If these catch the wind just right, they flutter end over end until they hit the ground.

Flying Fish (8)

Cue Veronika’s delighted squeals and eager cries for more!

Flying Fish (6)

Needless to say we launched our fish to “swim” in the air many times before she tired of it. Your toddler can get in some good tossing and throwing practice, too!

Flying Fish (9)