Follow the (Toddler) Leader

The last time Veronika and I played Follow the Leader, she was just learning to take steps on her own, and also just learning to copycat directions. When we needed some quick movement play this morning, we did an update on the game, basically like Simon Says, except with no tricks about when to follow the directions or not. Even better, Veronika then had her turn to be leader, and toddlers sure do love being in charge!

First, we just tested out some basic direction-following. If I touched my toes, could she touch her toes?

Same thing for reaching up high to the sky!

Next she followed the leader as I spun a scarf and twirled around.

And again for pretending to run in place!

Time for Veronika to be the leader! I loved watching the clever moves she came up with, including putting the scarf between our knees and more. She was clearly so proud that mommy had to do whatever she said for a change!


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