Busy Bee

Busy Bee (7).JPG

It was a bee-themed day with Veronika today!

For some tactile fun and auditory fun, first we played a game where my finger was a “bee.”

Busy Bee (1)

This little bee would buzz buzz buzz around her, only to land on a cheek or a tummy or a tushie and give a little tickle.

Busy Bee (6)

She soon seemed to anticipate the landing, and watched my finger in delight. Note: this move is also great for developing your baby’s eyesight, since he or she should track your buzzing finger with their eyes; I remember playing the same game with Travis!

I then made her own finger the little buzzing bee, directing her hand up to her cheek with a buzz.

Busy Bee (2)

To continue the apian fun, I drew some very cartoonish bees on yellow construction paper, which were a great visual while she lay in her bassinet.

Busy Bee (4)

I also pulled out a favorite book with bees to look at (Buzz Buzz Baby by Karen Katz).

Busy Bee (5)

We even found a little stuffed bee to play with, all of which made for fun at tummy time!

Busy Bee (8)

Tablecloth Clip Creatures

Tablecloth Clip (6)

A recent dot painting extravaganza reminded me that it’s useful to cover our work space (also Travis’s table for eating), when a craft gets particularly messy; a tablecloth clipped onto a table does the job in a pinch – so why not make the clips to hold it functional and adorable?

Tablecloth Clip (1)

To craft these little creatures, we used small pom poms and clothespins. Travis actually lost interest in forming insects quite quickly when he discovered that he could pick up pom poms with the clothespins – but this was such great practice for his fine motor skills that I was happy to let him continue!

Tablecloth Clip (2)

Meanwhile, we ended up with a variety of bugs, including a butterfly, caterpillar, and bee. Older kids will definitely love mapping out how their creatures look, and selecting which materials work best for which insect. Construction paper made for easy wings, and pipe cleaner pieces were perfect for antennae.

Tablecloth Clip (3)

We’ll be busy and buzzy as bees at our craft table now!

Tablecloth Clip (5)

When not in use, our little creatures love hanging out at the windowsill.

Tablecloth Clip alt.JPG



Buzzing Bee Noisemaker

Bee Noise (5)

Parents, I need your hive mind to solve a mystery here – pun intended!

We wanted to make a delightful buzzy bee at home, and I copied instructions online (and quite similar to the New Year’s Eve Noisemaker we concocted back in January). But try as we might, our little bee wouldn’t buzz. Now, arguably this failure was Travis’s favorite part of the entire project; he got a kick out of me trying to make our bee buzz over and over. So, I’ll still consider the project a “success”! Needless to say, I’d love to hear if your buzzing bees work properly, or if you see the mistake I made in the steps below.

First, we trimmed an index card slightly, and decorated as a bee. I made one with alternating yellow and black stripes as an example, and Travis had fun trying to replicate my stripes on a second index card.

Bee Noise (4)

We did momentarily glue on yellow googly eyes to complete our happy bee’s face, but the glue barely had time to dry before the eyes fell victim to a toddler.

Bee Noise (6)

Eyes or no, we attached our bee to a wooden craft stick with a piece of sticky-back foam. Place a second craft stick on top.

Bee Noise (2)

Now secure the two craft sticks together at the edges using additional pieces of cut sticky-back foam.

Bee Noise (3)

Finally, stretch a rubber band around the craft sticks – and then try to make your bee buzz!

Bubble Wrap Bee Hive

Bubble Wrap Bee (4)

Travis loved when we painted with bubble wrap a few weeks back, so we did it again this morning – but with more precision!

Having recently seen a colony of bees buzzing at a local preserve, I thought that would make a good theme. I cut plastic wrap roughly into the shape of a domed beehive. Travis helped cover it with orange and yellow paint.

Bubble Wrap Bee (1)

We flipped the bubble wrap over to press the bubbles onto paper – leaving behind what look so much like honeycombs! Travis particularly loved that the back of the bubble wrap was dry during this step, knowing the front had been so wet.

Bubble Wrap Bee (3)

My original intent was for him to dip his thumb in yellow paint to make bees around the hive, but Travis balked at the idea (he doesn’t want to get messy, these days!) Instead, we used a yellow dot marker.

Bubble Wrap Bee (5)

Once the paint dried, I colored in the bees stripes, wings, and smiles. Bzzz!

Beehive Card

Beehive (5)

We’re not the only ones happy to be back outside – the bugs are out in force now that spring is here, too! Travis has been very fascinated by the bees this season, so we decided to welcome spring with this cute project. You can hang it at home, or send it as a lovely card to a friend!

I cut a hive shape from brown construction paper to start, and then Travis went to town with a glue stick.

Beehive (1)

Once the paper was very gluey, we added thick yellow yarn.

Beehive (2)

Then of course we needed bee stickers, which I happened to have from the craft store. Travis didn’t stop until his hive was full of a big bee family.

Beehive (3)

We needed a few flower stickers as the final touch of course!

Beehive (4)