Bubble Wrap Bee Hive

Bubble Wrap Bee (4)

Travis loved when we painted with bubble wrap a few weeks back, so we did it again this morning – but with more precision!

Having recently seen a colony of bees buzzing at a local preserve, I thought that would make a good theme. I cut plastic wrap roughly into the shape of a domed beehive. Travis helped cover it with orange and yellow paint.

Bubble Wrap Bee (1)

We flipped the bubble wrap over to press the bubbles onto paper – leaving behind what look so much like honeycombs! Travis particularly loved that the back of the bubble wrap was dry during this step, knowing the front had been so wet.

Bubble Wrap Bee (3)

My original intent was for him to dip his thumb in yellow paint to make bees around the hive, but Travis balked at the idea (he doesn’t want to get messy, these days!) Instead, we used a yellow dot marker.

Bubble Wrap Bee (5)

Once the paint dried, I colored in the bees stripes, wings, and smiles. Bzzz!

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