Bubble Wrap & Paint

Bubble Wrap Paint (8).JPG

This project is messy but so worth it – paint, cool textures, exciting results… What more could a toddler want from an art project?

To start, I set Travis up with a disposable cookie sheet and paints, and told him he could squeeze on whatever colors he wanted. This alone was cause for excitement, since usually I measure out a portion of paint for him to use. He was very deliberate choosing which color should go where!

Bubble Wrap Paint (1)

Now it was time to smear it all together with a plastic spoon, which he loved.

Bubble Wrap Paint (2)

Once our baking sheet was filled with paint, we placed a piece of bubble wrap, bumpy side down, over the paint and pressed to make sure it was fully coated.

Bubble Wrap Paint (3)

Carefully peel up the bubble wrap and transfer to a piece of poster board. Press down again, then lift off and reveal your painting!

Bubble Wrap Paint (5)

We had to make several prints of course, adding new colors each time.

Bubble Wrap Paint (9)

Then Travis wanted to get his hands on the painted side of the bubble wrap, and pressed his painted hands onto a clean piece of bubble wrap, which was nearly as fun since it led to popping the bubbles.

Bubble Wrap Paint (7)

Great messy fun!

Bubble Wrap Paint (6)

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