Button Tree

Button Tree (9)

We haven’t let the icy weather deter us from outdoors adventures, including collecting treasures like sticks and winter leaves. But that doesn’t mean we’re not excited to see blossoms on the trees! This adorable button tree is a nice harbinger of spring.

The first step of course is to collect your sticks – head some place beautiful in the summer sunshine for this part!

100 happy (72)

Once home, Travis loved sorting through our collection. I quickly realized that he would be way more in to playing with the sticks than shaping them into a tree on poster board…

Button Tree (1)

…so after he had fun for a while, I took care of gluing our sticks in place.

Button Tree (3)

Once the glue dried, it was time to add the buttons! Travis was very proud to add big drops of glue and press a button “leaf” into place over each one.

Button Tree (6)

We had fun choosing which color buttons to place where.

Button Tree (5)

The final creation was so whimsical!

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