Animal Bath Time

Animal Bath (4)

We were stuck inside with a late winter snow storm, so it seemed as good a time as any to get messy!

In the bathroom, I laid out several of Travis’s animal toys (definitely use ones that are plastic and washable), along with various colors of paint on a paper plate and a few paintbrushes. He seemed almost disbelieving when I said we were going to paint the animals, but then dove right in!

Animal Bath (1)

He loved choosing which colors each animal should be, including blue cows, yellow donkeys, and purple rabbits.

Animal Bath (2)

After the animals had been covered in his artwork, it was time to give them a bath! Arguable this part was even more exciting than the painting had been.

Animal Bath (5)

I had a bucket of soapy water ready to go in the tub, and Travis loved rinsing off the animals.

Animal Bath (6)

He wanted to run them under the faucet too before we declared the game all done! In sum, a super nice snow day distraction. Although on a summer’s day, you could probably play this entire game out doors with big soapy buckets!

Animal Bath (3)

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