Tablecloth Clip Creatures

Tablecloth Clip (6)

A recent dot painting extravaganza reminded me that it’s useful to cover our work space (also Travis’s table for eating), when a craft gets particularly messy; a tablecloth clipped onto a table does the job in a pinch – so why not make the clips to hold it functional and adorable?

Tablecloth Clip (1)

To craft these little creatures, we used small pom poms and clothespins. Travis actually lost interest in forming insects quite quickly when he discovered that he could pick up pom poms with the clothespins – but this was such great practice for his fine motor skills that I was happy to let him continue!

Tablecloth Clip (2)

Meanwhile, we ended up with a variety of bugs, including a butterfly, caterpillar, and bee. Older kids will definitely love mapping out how their creatures look, and selecting which materials work best for which insect. Construction paper made for easy wings, and pipe cleaner pieces were perfect for antennae.

Tablecloth Clip (3)

We’ll be busy and buzzy as bees at our craft table now!

Tablecloth Clip (5)

When not in use, our little creatures love hanging out at the windowsill.

Tablecloth Clip alt.JPG



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