Spray Bottle + Water = Fun

Spray Fun (7)

Travis always wants my spritz bottle of Mrs. Meyers as I’m cleaning around the house. So this time when I had an empty container, I knew better than to recycle it – a quick rinse and a fill with water, and it was his own bottle to spray.

Spray Fun (2)

We took the game outside in early morning sunshine for almost endless varieties of fun. First, we wondered what surfaces would change colors when we spritzed them. Our cement patio and wood siding were both neat.

Spray Fun (1)

Then we decided to take a few toy cars to the car wash; filling the back of the pickup truck with water was particularly entertaining.

Spray Fun (3)

Travis decided the plants and grass were thirsty and spent quite some time giving both their fill, arguably his favorite part of the activity.

Spray Fun (5)

He asked me where ants get water from, and we decided to make a puddle from which they could come sip.

Spray Fun (6)

As the adult supervisor, this game was almost relaxing! All I had to do was stand back and watch his imagination work – plus the sparkles were beautiful in early morning sunshine!

Spray Fun (9)

And of course a little impish behavior had to enter in near the end, when he decided to spritz his own hand.

Spray Fun (10)

Mommies’ pants make the best towels.

Spray Fun (11)

Get outside and play this one before the weather gets chilly!