Underwater Felt Board

Underwater Felt (3)

I always joke that I haven’t a crafty bone in my body, and that before my son was born, I never would have believed it had you told me I’d one day create so many toys and games with him at home (much less have something in my home labeled a “craft bin”!).

With this craft, I feel like I’ve moved up from the minor leagues to – if not the majors – at least Triple-A status because… I finally purchased a hot glue gun. I’ve had a hot glue gun phobia for years (which dates back to witnessing the sticky dangerous mess they made in childhood theatre productions), but the time felt right to make the leap.

Travis couldn’t have been more excited; he didn’t even care what new projects this tool would allow us to create together, he just thought the whole apparatus was fascinating!

Once I was certain he understood that the glue gun and glue sticks were for mom’s hands only, we embarked upon our first glue gun craft, and I was thrilled with the results.

Underwater Felt (1)

I really only needed the glue gun for a simple purpose this time, but was glad to have it. To create the ocean backdrop for our Underwater Felt Board, I glued together two pieces of blue felt (one dark, one light) on three edges, leaving the fourth side open. This leaves a pocket so you can store all the other pieces of felt inside when you’re finished.

Underwater Felt (9)

Travis was quite literally shaking with glee as he watched me work, and equally loved watching me cut out additional felt shapes to populate our ocean.

Underwater Felt (2)With my very amateur crafting skills, I cut out fish, anemone, shells, and a little crab with legs we could attach and unattach.

Underwater Felt (5)

The biggest hit was cutting lots of circles and diamonds, which could be added to our sea friends as scales or eyes.

Underwater Felt (4)

Travis decided even our anemone needed eyes and a smile!

Underwater Felt (6)

You can of course just build playful and colorful scenes, but you can also use the felt board as a prop to narrate any books about the sea. We used it at bedtime for a rendition of Rainbow Fish which had Travis enthralled with the story in a new way.

Rainbow Fish needed beautiful scales of course…

Underwater Felt (7)

And a little imagination helped our crab become the octopus!

Underwater Felt (8)

What ocean stories would you tell with your felt board? Please do share in the comments, and here’s to many more glue gun projects to come!