Apple Theme Sensory Bin

Apple Sensory (4)

It might not officially be autumn yet, but back-to-school has us thinking of all things apple. I put together this little sensory bin to delight Travis in the afternoon when he returned from school.

Almost any assortment of apple-themed objects will work for a sensory bin like this, so use the suggestions below as a template. I filled a tub with a base of green split peas, then added in miniature apples and a rake, great for sensory digging and pouring.

Apple Sensory (5)

Add any cute finds you have at home, like this dollhouse barrel of apples!

Apple Sensory (6)

Cinnamon sticks made this bin a multi-sensory experience, bringing our sense of smell into play as well.

Apple Sensory

For the little trees, I glued leaf shapes cut from green felt onto old toilet paper tubes. Tiny red pom poms were the apples, and Travis could “pick” them from the trees, or stick back on again.

Apple Sensory (2)

A nice way to kick off the fall season!

Apple Sensory (9)