Bucket + Tape = Drum

Bucket Drum (6).JPG

If your child needs a toy drum to bang on and quick – no time for drying glue or paint here! – then this is the craft for you.

All you need is packing tape and any old bucket (we had the perfect tin one from a trip to feed animals at a sanctuary).

Travis was very intrigued as I started taping over the top of the bucket.

Bucket Drum (1)

And thrilled when the hole on top was completely covered (I recommend two layers of tape), and realized that the bucket now had a drum head.

Bucket Drum (3)

That’s it, a drum is born! Pencils make the perfect, no-crafting-required sticks, though if you want to get fancier, you might try rubber ball drum sticks.

Travis loved that he could start drumming right away. I took advantage of a later nap to glue on ribbon as embellishment.

Bucket Drum (4)

In no time at all, we had a drum circle!

Bucket Drum (7)