Rubber Ball Drum Sticks

Drum Stick (5)

We’ve been playing rock band a whole lot lately and needed drumsticks to go with our microphone!

This craft is perfect if you have a toddler who loves to use drum sticks on anything and everything, especially walls and furniture. The bouncy rubber balls are much kinder on a surface than wooden sticks!

To fashion them, poke a hole into two rubber balls – definitely a grown-up step. I saw this done on another blog where the parent used a drill, but I was able to poke into our rubber balls with just a little force and a screwdriver.

Drum Stick (1)

Insert two unsharpened pencils into the holes. To decorate, we first tried wrapping in string, which Travis had a surprising knack for.

Drum Stick (2)

But for more rock star flair, we abandoned the string in favor of shiny washi tape.

Drum Stick (4)

Travis loved the way the sticks gave a bounce with each tap!

Drum Stick (6)

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