String Telephone

String Phone (3)

I wanted to show Travis a bit about how sound travels by making a classic craft – a string telephone. The “phone” didn’t work quite as well as I hoped, but it was a neat way to explain to him the concept that sound can travel!

First, poke a hole in two plastic cups – this is definitely a grown up step, since plastic comes thick these days! I carefully hammered a nail into the bottom of each.

String Phone (1)

The only string we had that was long enough was floss. However, the floss may have impeded our sound from traveling as well as it should have. If you have kite string, try that instead!

String Phone (2)

Either way, Travis’s favorite part of the whole project was walking backwards away from me until we had a really long piece of floss.

I slipped one end of the string into each cup, securing around a paper clip, and then we gave our phone a test.


String Phone (4).JPG

The sound did make the plastic cups vibrate against your ear, but not enough for the words to really come through. Travis’s father insists I should have used tin cans, though I’ve seen this successfully done with plastic before. Next time we’ll nix the floss.

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