Rock Star Microphone

Rock Star Mike (8).JPG

Well, it’s happened. Travis has lost interest in music from his kiddie class, and now when we’re in the car, he only requests “grown-up music” (Dire Straits, to be exact). So on this rainy Saturday morning, I made my budding rock star his very own microphone!

To start, inflate a balloon until it is the right size to balance atop an empty toilet paper tube.

Rock Star Mike (1)

Cover the balloon with foil, and then secure with a rubber band or two.

Rock Star Mike (2)

Travis added extra bling to his microphone with sparkly gold washi tape.

Rock Star Mike (3)

Now it was time to hop on stage!

Rock Star Mike (5)

We had fun rocking out together for quite a while. A great prop for imagination and developing confidence!

Rock Star Mike (4)

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