Vinegar, Baking Soda… and Balloon Eye Droppers

Vinegar Balloons (4)

I used to have pipettes (a.k.a. eye droppers) at home, but can’t find them anywhere these days! Cue this genius idea I spotted on Kiwi Co‘s KiwiCorner app. The perfect way to use up a few balloons we had in our craft box.

This game is pretty much a simplified version of my volcano for toddlers – a big bin of baking soda with vinegar to squirt on top. But the fizzy fun comes from the novelty of squirting out the vinegar through homemade eye droppers.

To prepare your eye droppers, fill uninflated balloons with white vinegar. Add a few drops of food coloring to each, so your explosions will be colorful as well.

VInegar Balloons (1)

I knotted off the balloons, after which they look like mini water balloons. Carefully poke a small hole in each (a pin or wooden pick both work fine).

Vinegar Balloons (2)

Travis dumped a container of baking soda into a tray, and then we let the fizzling begin!

Vinegar Balloons (3)

After the first few bubbles, he preferred to stir our mixture while I squirted additional vinegar from the “eye droppers.”

VInegar Balloons (5)

Overall, cute and messy fun, and a nice way to improvise when you can’t find real pipettes.