Busy Bee

Busy Bee (7).JPG

It was a bee-themed day with Veronika today!

For some tactile fun and auditory fun, first we played a game where my finger was a “bee.”

Busy Bee (1)

This little bee would buzz buzz buzz around her, only to land on a cheek or a tummy or a tushie and give a little tickle.

Busy Bee (6)

She soon seemed to anticipate the landing, and watched my finger in delight. Note: this move is also great for developing your baby’s eyesight, since he or she should track your buzzing finger with their eyes; I remember playing the same game with Travis!

I then made her own finger the little buzzing bee, directing her hand up to her cheek with a buzz.

Busy Bee (2)

To continue the apian fun, I drew some very cartoonish bees on yellow construction paper, which were a great visual while she lay in her bassinet.

Busy Bee (4)

I also pulled out a favorite book with bees to look at (Buzz Buzz Baby by Karen Katz).

Busy Bee (5)

We even found a little stuffed bee to play with, all of which made for fun at tummy time!

Busy Bee (8)


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