Smell New Scents

New Scents (8).JPG

As you help your baby learn about the world and develop their senses, don’t neglect the sense of smell! Your infant is born with an acute sense of smell already, but new items will be a delight.

While she was happy and alert today, I sat Veronika down for this little game, and gathered together a plate of items with strong smells.

New Scents (2)

The vanilla bean was a great hit. Her eyes went wide.

New Scents (10)

Hmm, she wasn’t so sure about pungent nutmeg.

New Scents (4)

Cloves also got a big wide-eyed look; offer the whole jar in this case, since the cloves are so tiny.

New Scents (6)

She also really seemed to love the rosemary.

New Scents (9)

And was tickled pink for fresh lavender.

New Scents (3)

Fresh flowers make a great option, too.

New Scents alt.JPG

As you play, definitely let your little one feel the items as well (just be sure to supervise closely, as several are choking hazards).

New Scents (5)

Since the sense of smell is strongly linked to memory, I had the fond thought that these scents might imprint in her brain. Will vanilla forevermore take her back to a feeling of infancy and comfort, now? It’s a nice thought!

New Scents (1)