Rescue (5)The cute idea for this game came from 365 Toddler Activities that Inspire Creativity. Although we didn’t exactly adhere to the script, the game is a great launching-off point for imaginative play. In our case, I started Travis with a few prompts, but then he took the game in his own direction! Try it and see where your imagination takes you.

Have your child help you scatter rags or beanbags on the floor – anything that can be used as “dangers” to avoid. We dubbed our bean bags “alligators”.

Rescue (1)

Next, place a stuffed animal or toy in the center, and have your child “rescue” the toy without touching any of the dangerous bean bags.

Travis found the task to be very easy – he just reached in and picked up his stuffed owl – but was also very proud! He had a great time messing the bean bags all around, saying, “don’t step on the alligators!”

Rescue (2)

Next we set up a car in need of help:

Rescue (3)


Rescue (4)

But because the game seemed too easy, we reversed things next – what if Travis could only step on the bean bags, and needed to avoid the “alligator-infested” water around him? This led to great fun stepping from bag to bag:

Rescue (6)

And practicing a big jump off of them.

Rescue (7)

Oh no, Travis fell in the ocean!

Rescue (8)

I’m not even sure what’s going on here, except that he clearly had some game going in his head!

Rescue (9)

After seeing if he could walk around from bean bag to bean bag, Travis reversed things again. What if he could move around without the bean bag falling off him?

Rescue (10)

This proved delightful for a little while, although he was frustrated it didn’t stay on his back as long as he hoped. I swooped in and made the bean bag fall off my head a few times – always a sure way to make him laugh!


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