Plastic Bag Kite

Plastic Bag Kite (2)

We are thankful that so far the only impact from Tropical Storm Hermine has been an increase in wind speed… Was surprised when we woke up to a lovely blue-sky day, even though the winds are starting to whirl. To get us outside before clouds or rain roll in, I decided it was the perfect day for a kite!

All you need for this fantastic craft is a plastic bag, scotch tape, plastic straws, and floss. I won’t walk you through it step-by-step, as I simply copied this easy-to-follow how-to video. The assembly of the kite is for adults, but your toddler will love watching, and the materials involved (straws, floss, tape) are sure to delight.

Plastic Bag Kite (1)

Kite in hand, Travis and I headed out to the courtyard, where the gusty breezes easily lifted the kite.

Plastic Bag Kite (4)

The wind was still gentle enough that Travis could take a turn holding the string!

Plastic Bag Kite (3)

Oh no, kite down!

Plastic Bag Kite (5)

Hard to take pictures while flying one-handed, but I managed a few good shots:

Plastic Bag Kite (6)

I never would have guessed a plastic bag could turn into something so whimsical.