Tissue Paper Baby Chick


Travis saw older children at the library this past week with baby chicks from a school project. He couldn’t get over how cute the chicks were, and I love letting him learn about animals, but chick-hatching programs in schools often do more harm than good. As a humane alternative, we headed home and made our own fluffy chicky!

Cut an orange or yellow circle of construction paper, and let your child cover the surface with glue. Crumple small squares of yellow tissue paper and press onto the glue until your “chick” is covered. In full honesty, Travis was having so much fun with the glue that I did almost all of the tissue paper… we made a good team!


Once the glue dries, tape on two yellow feathers for wings and two pipe cleaners for feet. Travis was so enthralled with his chick, cheeping it all around the living room, that I didn’t even have time to add a little triangle for a beak!