Salt-Container Bird Feeder


Travis loves birds, so in hopes of attracting a few new feathered friends to our balcony, we cobbled together this very easy bird feeder. Most of the work falls to the adult, but everyone gets to enjoy the bird-watching that follows!

Clean out an old salt container (or save the salt and use for an indoor sandbox!) and cut a few additional holes with an X-acto knife. You’ll need one “door” along one side of the box, and two small holes (front and back) below the door for a perch. Remove the metal spout from the top of the salt container, and cut out a second small hole so you can hang the box.

Before hanging, invite your child to decorate with markers. We don’t use markers nearly as often as crayons, so Travis was thrilled! He made mostly abstract squiggle, of course, but preschoolers can plan out a more careful design for a bird “house” with windows or fences and flowers.


Help your child insert a slim stick through the two holes below the door, for birds to perch on, and then thread wire or twine through the two holes on the top.


Hang over a balcony or tree, or other outdoor perch, and sit back to wait for some winged visitors!