Handprint Bird


Your child’s hand can magically turn into a baby bird’s body and wings with the help of a little paint!

Travis’s favorite part of this craft by far was smooshing his whole hand in a plate full of white paint, and pressing it onto the paper.


So that our craft would stay precise, I provided him with extra paper where he could make hand prints to his heart’s delight until the white paint was gone.


We returned to the craft itself once the paint was dry, and now it was time for glue! Have your child help you rip up a brown paper bag into pieces, and then glue in an overlapping pattern to form the bird’s nest.


You can then add a googly eye and triangular beak (which I cut from orange construction paper) to finish your bird. Because white-on-orange wasn’t the best color choice, I outlined our bird in order for Travis to see it better.

The handprint makes this particular craft keepsake worthy – you’ll marvel some day at those tiny fingers and thumb! It might make a beautiful gift to send to grandparents or other family members!