Numbered Stars Flashlight Game


This whimsical game adds a touch of magic to your toddler’s bedtime routine, while sneaking in some early learning!

Cut stars from yellow construction paper and number from 1 to … however high you can get your child to count! I didn’t want to tax Travis all the way up to 20 soon before bed, so made stars as high as 12.

Once it’s dark enough, enlist your toddler to help hang the stars on the wall, then provide him or her with a flashlight.


Now it’s time to hunt for the stars in sequential order. As he shined his flashlight on number 1, I would ask Travis, “What’s next?” and he eagerly began the hunt for 2, ad so on. Being able to pin a star in the spotlight was a thrill every time. Ok, so he didn’t always go in order, but he did always proudly read off the number he found.


To add to the “star-lit” magic, we set up our little campfire (care of Koala Crate) and pretended we were really outside with the stars overhead.